Does it seem like everyone else knows how to dress so well, but when it comes to what you wear, you feel self-conscious, doubtful, and kind of lost?
woman standing in front of closet with her arms up in frustration
Of course you'd love to be able to dress effortlessly with confidence and style - wouldn't everyone?
But how is that possible when you don’t truly know what looks good on you and what doesn’t?

What if... you had the knowledge, skills, and confidence of a Hollywood stylist?

You’d be able to build a wardrobe that consistently flatters your shape, perfectly suits your lifestyle, and authentically reflects your personality

I can teach you how!

"Every woman deserves the luxury of a wardrobe that makes her shine."


Discovering Your Signature Style

is essential because it effects ALL of your decision making and is the foundation to learning how to dress with confidence and style.

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“This course changed my whole outlook on what I wear and how I wear it...

She doesn’t make you feel like you have to conform to some standard or dress like everyone else. I really did discover my own signature style.”


In Course 1 You'll Learn:

photo of woman smiling in front of rack of hanging clothes


What is Signature Style?

We’ll clearly define this elusive “Signature Style” phrase and I’ll let you in on some well kept secrets.

photo of woman from the back


Why Size Doesn't Matter

As you explore proportion, you’ll correctly identify your shape and start to see why size doesn’t matter.

photo of hourglass


Create Your Balanced Shape

You’ll learn the tricks to creating your visually balanced and proportioned silhouette.

photo of multiple colored spools of thread


No, You Don't Need to Get Your Colors Done

Color made simple! You'll identify yours and learn the real role it plays in what looks good on you.

photo of older attractive woman in elegant clothes


Dressing Who You Are For What You Want to Do

We’ll examine your lifestyle, assess your true clothing needs, and spend a little time talking about “dressing your age”.

photo of woman in hip clothing and boots putting on jacket in front of modern setting


Finding Your Signature Style Lane

You’ll be properly introduced to several different style categories and discover which path is yours.

collage of fashion images, photos, magazines


Navigating Your Sea of Inspiration

Your Signature Style will reveal itself as you analyze the many things that inspire you.

photo of row of shops in a busy mall


Putting It All To The Test

You’ll be heading out on a strategic field trip to try on and evaluate your newly discovered style.

young woman smiling at sweater she is holding up in front of shopping rack of clothes


Celebrating Your Style

We’ll put all that you’ve learned together, celebrate your success, and outline your next steps.

In Course 1 You'll Get:

woman holding tablet with video on its screen

9 Educational Videos with over 90 minutes of enlightening and engaging lessons (10-20 min each) systematically lead you through the shortcuts to discovering your Signature Style.

5 Body Shape Videos teach you how to create your perfect proportion in less than 30 minutes

several course worksheets and lists in pile

Key Pieces Lists for each body type will highlight which clothing you can count on to make your specific shape shine.

A Try On List Template and Tips will guide you as you put new shapes, colors, and styles to the test to find what flatters you most.

Where to Shop Lists divided into 9 different style categories that will make finding what you need for your Signature Style easy.

picture of Course Digital Notebook

An Interactive, Downloadable Digital Notebook automatically saves and stores everything you need for your course all in one place. Or you can opt to download and print instead.

Immediate & Unlimited Access. After enrolling, you'll have unlimited access to your courses for as long as you like - across all your electronic devices - 24/7.


"I never really understood what looked good on me...

and was always unsure about what I was wearing, especially as I get older. Erin's courses changed all that. I found my true style and know how to make the right purchases. Now I feel confident with all the things I wear."


A Hollywood Stylist’s Step-By-Step Guide To:

A Wardrobe That Makes You SHINE

My 3 SIMPLE COURSES teach you the EXACT roadmap I follow when personally working with my clients. It’s like having my styling services always there for you without the Hollywood price tag!
They are specifically designed to be completed together, in order, as each one builds upon lessons from the last.

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-Who are these courses for?

These courses are for any woman who wants to dress with confidence and develop a personal style that consistently flatters her shape, accommodates her lifestyle, and reflects her unique personality. Occupation, income level, working from home vs office, age, and marital/child status is irrelevant, as these courses are about personal style, which is universal.

- When do these courses start and end?

These are self-paced online courses - you decide when you start and when you finish. They are available to you as soon as your purchase is complete and do not expire.

-How much time will it take to complete these courses?

Each course has 9 short Modules, consisting of educational videos that are quick in length (10-20 minutes each). At the end of each Module, there is an assignment related to what you learned. Most are worksheets (digital or printable) or spending some time online. Set aside 30 minutes for these. 

Since these are self-paced courses, you decide how much time you'd like to commit to them. I suggest, however, doing no more than two Modules per day. They are full of information that you'll want to digest before moving on to the next.

-Do I have to buy all three courses?

Together, the three courses teach you all you need to become your own personal stylist. They are specifically designed to be completed in order, as each one builds upon lessons from the last. They are also sold separately, but the 3 Course Series Set provides a generous savings of almost 30% (like getting the 3rd course free!).

-Do you have an affiliate or referral program?

Yes. There are generous referral and affiliate programs available that reward you for your support. You will have access to the referral program from right inside the courses. Please email [email protected] for more information about the affiliate program.