Wish you had a closet full of outfits you LOVE that fill you with confidence?

By following my step-by-step 3 Course Roadmap, you'll learn how to become your own personal stylist and build a skillfully styled wardrobe that consistently flatters your shape and beautifully reflects the real you.

roadmap featuring three stops at different courses

Meet Your Instructor

Your Three Courses

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Course 1

Discover Your Style

A step-by-step guide to developing a style that consistently flatters your shape, fits your lifestyle, and reflects your true personality.
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Course 2

Edit Your Closet

Learn what works, what doesn't, & what you still need. It's the difference between a closet full of clothes and a closet full of outfits.
woman holding full shopping bags in each hand

Course 3

Shop Like a Stylist

You'll learn a stylist's shopping skills and tricks of the trade so you can confidently elevate your wardrobe like a pro.

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