The clock is ticking. 

It’s time to go and you’re still standing in front of your closet. Still.

You try on more clothes, but end up with the same frustrating feeling: "Nothing looks good on me!!" 

woman with her hands on her head standing in front of her closet

As the anxiety swells, you push aside the overcrowded hangers, trying not to think about the money you've wasted, and grab “old reliable”, the outfit you wear for what feels like everything.

Who cares, right?? 
You do. And that's what matters most.

Instead...wouldn’t it be wonderful

to glide confidently out the door - on time! - wearing an outfit that makes you SHINE from the inside out?
Not just once, but Every. Single. Day.

I can teach you how!

"Every woman deserves the luxury of a wardrobe that makes her shine."

Dressing with confidence & style and building a closet full of outfits you love
are skills that can be learned.

Erin Ross, a veteran Hollywood stylist who has built the wardrobes of A-list movie stars, musical icons, and entertainment industry moguls,
is sharing her skills and knowledge to teach you how!

Take my 3 simple courses to get the knowledge and confidence you need to discover your Signature Style, edit your closet like a pro, and shop like a Hollywood stylist, so you can build a wardrobe that makes you SHINE!


"I always felt self-conscious with how I dressed...

Erin's courses taught me in an easy to understand way how to find my style, dress my shape, and know with confidence that I look great. My closet finally makes sense. Everything in it makes me happy!"

woman holding tablet with course video on its screen

What if you had the skills of a Hollywood stylist?

You’d know how to quickly identify what looks great on you, have stylist strategies and tools and tips of the trade that make you look and feel your BEST. Shopping wouldn’t be overwhelming, because you’d know exactly what you need and where to find it. You’d have a LookBook of all your favorite outfits to jog your memory in case you drew a blank.

And most importantly...

You’ll be able to confidently build a streamlined wardrobe that consistently flatters your shape, perfectly suits your lifestyle, and authentically reflects your personality.

NO MORE anxious closet moments because you'd have...

a wardrobe that won't let you down!

red carpet rolled out between silver banisters connected by red velvet ropes

A Hollywood Stylist’s Step-By-Step Guide To:

A Wardrobe That Makes You SHINE

My 3 SIMPLE COURSES teach you, step-by-step:
How to Discover Your Signature Style,
The Right Way to Edit Your Closet, &
How to Shop Like a Hollywood Stylist,
so you can dress with confidence and style.

all three courses pictured together along a roadway
I'm teaching you the EXACT roadmap I follow when personally working with my clients. It’s like having my styling services always there for you without the Hollywood price tag!


In This Course You'll Learn:
  • How to dress with confidence and style every day
  • How to identify your shape and which styles flatter you most
  • How to create your visually balanced figure and why size doesn't matter
  • Which colors play a vital role in what looks best on you
  • How to dress who you are for your lifestyle and your goals
  • My tips and tricks of the trade to help you look your best
  • Various style genres, dressing your age, finding your inspiration, putting your Signature Style to the test, and much more!


In This Course You'll Get:
  • 9 Educational Videos with over 90 minutes of enlightening and engaging lessons (10-20 min each)
  • 5 Body Shape Videos teach you how to create your perfect proportion in less than 30 minutes
  • Key Clothing Lists that flatter your shape the most
  • Try On Clothing Checklists, Color Analysis Quiz, Style Genre Sheets, and so much more!
  • Where To Shop Lists divided by style genres
  • A downloadable, interactive Digital Notebook (as well as printable version)
  • Immediate and Unlimited Access to your course 24/7


In This Course You'll Learn:
  • How to turn your closet full of clothes into a closet full of beautiful outfits that make you shine!
  • Which essential items you need to create the basic foundation of your wardrobe
  • How to correctly evaluate and edit your closet like a professional stylist
  • How to breathe new life into what you already own with outfit formulas and alterations tips, saving you $$
  • Closet organization tools and guides that will transform yours into your own special boutique
  • How to create a LookBook of your favorite outfits, proper clothing care & storage, and so much more!


In This Course You'll Get:
  • 9 Educational Videos with almost 2 hours of step-by-step guidance to creating your ideal wardrobe (10-20 min each)
  • A Signature Style Lane Chart and Labels to easily guide you through your closet evaluation and editing
  • Essential Checklists for all your wardrobe and closet needs, Laundry Cheat Sheets, Outfit Prompts, and so much more!
  • Comprehensive Alterations Recommendations
  • LookBook Templates and detailed instructions
  • A downloadable, interactive Digital Notebook (as well as printable version)
  • Immediate and Unlimited Access to your course 24/7


In This Course You'll Learn:
  • Hollywood stylist knowledge and skills you need to make smart purchases, saving you time and money
  • The professional stylist tools your wardrobe can’t do without
  • Invaluable shopping tips for both in-store and online
  • The best places to shop for your style and budget
  • When to invest in the perfect item and how to get the look for less, including buying and selling resale
  • How to choose the right outfit for every occasion, which key questions to ask yourself before you buy anything, and so much more!


In This Course You'll Get:
  • 9 Educational Videos with almost 2 hours of enlightening and engaging lessons (10-20 min each)
  • Extensive Where To Shop Lists for every style and budget
  • The Top 10 Questions To Ask Before You Buy
  • Buying & Selling Resale instructions and pro tips
  • The Essential Style Emergency Kit Checklist, Stylist Tools Checklist, Dress Code and Size Charts, Online Shopping Tips, and more!
  • A downloadable, interactive Digital Notebook (as well as printable version)
  • Immediate and Unlimited Access to your course 24/7


"These were exactly what I needed...

These courses are divided into easily digestible segments, with relatable experiences, examples that have meaning, and specific recommendations that made it easy to confidently walk away with immediate wins!"


My courses are specifically designed to be completed together, in order, as each one builds upon lessons from the last.

Get ALL 3 COURSES immediately delivered to your inbox

for just $169.

Start SHINING Now!

OR: Buy them separately for $79. each:


-Who are these courses for?

These courses are for any woman who wants to dress with confidence and develop a personal style that consistently flatters her shape, accommodates her lifestyle, and reflects her unique personality. Occupation, income level, working from home vs office, age, and marital/child status is irrelevant, as these courses are about personal style, which is universal.

- When do these courses start and end?

These are self-paced online courses - you decide when you start and when you finish. They are available to you as soon as your purchase is complete and do not expire.

-How much time will it take to complete these courses?

Each course has 9 short Modules, consisting of educational videos that are quick in length (10-20 minutes each). At the end of each Module, there is an assignment related to what you learned. Most are worksheets (digital or printable) or spending some time online. Set aside 30 minutes for these. 

Since these are self-paced courses, you decide how much time you'd like to commit to them. I suggest, however, doing no more than two Modules per day. They are full of information that you'll want to digest before moving on to the next.

-Do I have to buy all three courses?

Together, the three courses teach you all you need to become your own personal stylist. They are specifically designed to be completed in order, as each one builds upon lessons from the last. They are also sold separately, but the 3 Course Series Set provides a generous savings of almost 30% (like getting the 3rd course free!).

-Do you have an affiliate or referral program?

Yes. There are generous referral and affiliate programs available that reward you for your support. You will have access to the referral program from right inside the courses. Please email [email protected] for more information about our affiliate program.


"I never really understood what looked good on me...

and was always unsure about what I was wearing, especially now that I’m getting older. Erin helped me find my true style and taught me how to make the right purchases. Now I feel confident with the things I wear."



"Shopping for new clothes was always overwhelming for me...

Erin’s courses taught me which details to stay focused on and how to find exactly what I need within my budget."


Your closet should be your favorite place to shop. Is yours?

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